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Thank you for your interest in our internet services. We offer Australia wide ADSL2+ Broadband Services and local dialup access.
We are proudly Australian owned, with Australian based support staff providing same day support for Business locally and regionally.
Plans & Rates listed below.

Cyberworld ADSL2+ Plans & Rates

256/64512/128512/512*1500/2568000/384Free Data Limit
$43.50$57.50 $83 500MB
$53.50$64.50 $90 1GB
$60.50$71.50 $97$1173GB
Conditions Apply
* 512/512 connections require a dedicated phone line. No other services(voice/fax/phone) can be made use of on this connection type.

Step 1.   Choose a connection speed from the top row.

Step 2.   Match your speed with you free monthly data limit.

Step 3.   Download & print our signup form here --> Download ADSL_signup.pdf.

Step 4.   Fill in your form and Fax to (+61)07 40985060.

Alternatively, you may visit us at Port Douglas Video, Shop 5,
Four Mile Plaza, Port Douglas,Queensland

Cyberworld Dail-up Plans & Rates

Dial-up plans come in 2 flavours:

Plan 1.$33.00 per month with unlimited downloads.
Plan 2.$49.50 per 30 hour block with unlimited downloads, to be used over a period of three(3) consecutive months.

Contact Cyberworld for any queries.

Conditions Apply

Having trouble monitoring your bandwidth? Try this out!
Bandwidth Monitor
Click on the above link and download the free tool Networx.

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