Above is a screen shot of the 'Money Trends Chart'. This is continuously updated in real time. The Chart shows how much money is being placed on each hourse.

Right The Traffic light prediction chart screen shot can be seen here. This is also continuously updated in real time. Traffic lights are used to recommend horses after Form, Track Conditions and Jockey Performance are considered. Advanced algorithms are used in the prediction process to increase chances of attaining a place. Warning Notices are used to display items of concern for each horse .


Left you have a screen shot of the averages chart. Again with the real time updating it will save you hours of form study. This chart is used to show if a horse or jockey is well above average. The user can instantly see if a horse is consistently out performing its competition.

Right is a screen shot of the 'Factor Predictor Display'. This is continuously updated in real time. This display uses algorithms to predict horses that show trends that are well above average. This display produces very high place strike rates for all race classes.

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